What we do?

Psychotherapy is about untangling difficult emotions in a confidential space with someone who will get to know you very well but will at the same time remain on the outside of your everyday life. Psychotherapy is a place where you can clarify your thoughts and emotions, enabling you to shift gear and move forward. We believe this happens as a result from getting to know yourself and your authentic thoughts and feelings better. Psychotherapy invites you to see yourself in a new light and it is a space to think about your strengths and how to develop them.


Here are some of the issues that we work with:

✓ Relationship and child related issues 

✓ Low self esteem 

✓ Bulimia

✓ Binge eating 

✓ Mourning and loss 

✓ Phobias 

✓ Sexuality 

✓ Anger management 

✓ Stress

✓ Self development

✓ Anxiety Depression 

✓ OCD 

✓ Separation/divorce

✓ Self harm

✓ Psychosomatics 

✓ Substance abuse